Product Description

Product Description:

The self -aligning roller bearing has a double row of rollers with 1 common spherical raceway in the outer ring and 2 raceway in the inner ring and inclined at an Angle relative to the bearing axis. This ingenious structure makes it self-aligning ,so it is not easy to be affected by the angle of shaft and bearing box on the error or shaft bending ,suitable for installation error or shaft deflection caused by Angle error.The bearing can bear radial load as wwell as bidirectioinal axial load.
Self-aligning roller bearings to cage is divided into :stamped steel reinforced cage(suffix E).stamping steel plate cage (suffic CC) glass fiber reinforced polyamide cage (suffic TVPB) machined brass two-piece cage (suffix MB) machied brass integral cage (suffix CA), vibration stamping steel plate cage (suffix JPA) vibration occasions brass cage (suffix EMA) the same structure bearing code or have different .

Application Field :
Spherical roller bearings can be used on vibrating/oscillation screen, gearbox, reducer, crusher, agricultural machinery, mine machinery, coal mine machinery, papermaking machinery, reduction gears,railway vehicle axles, roling mill gearbox bearing machinery ,woodworing machinery, various industrial reducers, vertical belts seat self-aligning bearings. 


Bearing Name Spherical Roller Bearing
Bearing Model 24160 24156 24152 24148 24144 24140 24138 24136 24132 24128 24124
Bearing Material Gcr15 Chrome steel
Bearing Size 200*340 *140 mm
Bearing Cage Brass cage CA MB
Bearing Weight 53.4 KG
Hardness 58-63HRC
Clearance C0 C2 C3 C4 C5
Precisoon Grade P0, P6
Number of Row Double row
MOQ 1 Pcs
Stock Status Rich stock, guarantee quick delivery
OEM Service Acceptable
Packaging Industrial packing;
Neutral white single box or Color single box or Customized box
Wooden pallet

Detailed Bearing Photos:


Product Parameters:

Company Profile:

ZheJiang CZPT Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd. was founded by ZheJiang Defa Bearing Co.,Ltd, factory is located in ZheJiang province, China. 
We are a bearing manufacturer integrating the research, development and sales of bearings, with a floor area of 18,000 square meters and a plant area of 8,800 square meters. Equipped with modern production equipment and advanced detection instruments. 

We can provide all types bearings and OEM service according to customers’ requirements. 

Our products are widely used in the automobile, agricultural, textile production, mining, printing and packing industries, in addition to various applications at airports, in air-conditioning systems, conveying devices, ships ad so on. Our products are being exported to more than 50 countries and regions overseas including Singapore, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Poland, Italy, England, France, Russia, Germany, the United States, Australia, Argentina, Brazil as well as other countries and regions all over the world.

We are a trusted and reliable bearing supplier, choose us to be your good partner!

Quality Inspection:

100% Quality inspection to ensure the bearings are with good quality before shipping. 
Our Advantages:

1.  Professional production team with advanced production equipment and testing instruments. 
2.  Many years of export experience can provide customers with better service and problem-solving capabilities.
3.  Customers all over the world enable us to better understand the market and provide customers with suitable bearings.
4.  Sincerity, cooperation, mutual and provide good quality bearings for clients are the development idea of our company
5.  Quick delivery, shipping goods on time. Save more time and cost for all customers. 

Packing and Shipping:


1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
   A: We have our own factory , our type is factory + trade.

2. Q: Could you accept OEM and customize?
    A: Yes, we can customize products according to your sample or drawing.

3. Q: How long is your delivery time? 
    A: If stock, within 7 days to ship or based on your order quantity.

4. Q: Could you supply sample for free? 
    A: Yes, we can offer the sample for free,do you mind to buy a “ticket” for her?

More details, please contact with us. Thanks for your time!
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Type: Spherical Roller Bearing
Seals: Open
Number of Row: Double Row
US$ 0/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)


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Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

spherical roller bearing

Recent Advancements in Spherical Roller Bearing Technology

Recent advancements in spherical roller bearing technology have led to improvements in performance, durability, and application versatility. Here are some key insights into these developments:

  • Advanced Materials: Manufacturers are using high-performance materials for bearing components, enhancing resistance to wear, fatigue, and corrosion. This results in longer bearing life and reduced maintenance.
  • Enhanced Lubrication: Innovations in lubrication systems and materials have improved bearing performance in extreme conditions. Lubricants are now designed to withstand higher temperatures and provide better protection against contaminants.
  • Sealing Solutions: New sealing technologies offer superior protection against environmental contaminants, ensuring reliable operation in challenging industrial settings.
  • Cage Design: Cage materials and designs have evolved to optimize load distribution, reduce friction, and enhance overall bearing performance. Some cages are engineered for higher speeds and increased load capacity.
  • Customization: Manufacturers now offer more customizable bearing solutions. Customers can specify bearing dimensions, load capacities, and sealing options to tailor bearings to their specific applications.
  • Noise Reduction: Advancements in bearing design and materials have led to reduced noise levels during operation, making them suitable for applications where noise is a concern, such as in the aerospace industry.
  • Increased Load Capacity: Spherical roller bearings can now handle even higher radial and axial loads, expanding their range of applications in heavy industries like mining and construction.
  • Condition Monitoring: Some bearings are equipped with sensors and integrated monitoring systems that provide real-time data on bearing health, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing unexpected downtime.

These advancements in spherical roller bearing technology contribute to improved equipment reliability, extended service life, and reduced maintenance costs across various industries.

spherical roller bearing

Are there specific maintenance practices that can extend the life of spherical roller bearings?

Yes, proper maintenance practices can significantly extend the life of spherical roller bearings. Here are some essential maintenance steps:

  • Regular Lubrication: Ensure the bearings are adequately lubricated with the right type and amount of lubricant. Regularly check and replenish the grease or oil to prevent dry running or overheating.
  • Keep Cleanliness: Maintain a clean environment to prevent contaminants from entering the bearing. Use seals and shields to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Monitor Temperature: Regularly check the operating temperature of the bearings. A sudden increase may indicate a problem with lubrication or misalignment.
  • Alignment: Ensure proper shaft and housing alignment to prevent excessive loads on the bearing and minimize misalignment-related wear.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect the bearings for signs of wear, damage, or abnormal operation. Replace or repair any damaged bearings promptly.
  • Handling: Follow correct handling procedures during installation to avoid damage to the bearing surfaces or raceways.
  • Load Considerations: Be mindful of axial and radial loads. Avoid exceeding the bearing’s load capacity, which can lead to premature wear.

By following these maintenance practices, you can maximize the service life of spherical roller bearings, reduce downtime, and ensure the continued reliability of equipment.

spherical roller bearing

What are the common applications and industries where spherical roller bearings are essential components?

Spherical roller bearings are essential components in various applications and industries due to their ability to accommodate heavy radial and axial loads, alignment capabilities, and durability. Common applications and industries where spherical roller bearings are widely used include:

  • Industrial Machinery: Spherical roller bearings are found in various industrial machines, including conveyors, pumps, compressors, and industrial fans.
  • Automotive: They are used in automotive components such as wheel hubs, transmissions, and suspension systems.
  • Aerospace: Spherical roller bearings play a vital role in aircraft landing gear and other aerospace applications.
  • Mining and Construction: Heavy machinery in mining and construction equipment relies on spherical roller bearings for their load-bearing capabilities.
  • Pulp and Paper: In the paper manufacturing industry, these bearings are used in machinery like paper rollers.
  • Marine: Spherical roller bearings are used in marine applications, including ship propulsion systems.
  • Steel Production: The steel industry utilizes these bearings in equipment like rolling mills.
  • Railways: Spherical roller bearings are found in railway applications, including train wheelsets and bogies.
  • Energy Generation: Power generation equipment, such as wind turbines and hydroelectric generators, relies on these bearings.
  • Oil and Gas: Spherical roller bearings are used in drilling equipment and oil and gas machinery.

These bearings are valued for their load-carrying capacity and ability to withstand harsh operating conditions, making them essential in a wide range of applications and industries.

China supplier Cc MB Ca E Type Cage Nskskftimkenkoyo Spherical Roller Bearing 24160 24156 24152 24144 22324 24140 24138 22230 24132 24128 22222 for Crusher Gears Rolling Mills   supplierChina supplier Cc MB Ca E Type Cage Nskskftimkenkoyo Spherical Roller Bearing 24160 24156 24152 24144 22324 24140 24138 22230 24132 24128 22222 for Crusher Gears Rolling Mills   supplier
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