Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical roller bearings are best for applications that require seismic components, but that’s not the only quality of these bearings. These bearings can carry heavy loads because their rings are aligned. Thanks to the curved outer ring, spherical bearings are self-aligning and absorb shocks, allowing equipment to withstand high axial and radial loads even in harsh environments with high vibrations. Even in this harsh working environment, roller bearings tend to have high precision.

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Several factors determine the effectiveness of a spherical roller bearing in a particular application, including:

The minimum load for the application. To run at high speeds with stable acceleration and deceleration, the bearing must have a minimum axial load applied to the rollers. This prevents damage to the cage due to inertial forces and sliding or excessive friction. The minimum load required can be reduced by using high-quality lubrication.

The operating temperature is the ambient temperature range in which the bearing operates most reliably. In low temperature environments, lubricant viscosity increases, thus requiring higher minimum loads. Spherical roller bearings operate at particularly high temperatures if the bearing material is heat treated.

The reference speed is the rotational speed at which the heat generated by the rotation is equal to the heat removed from the lubricant and bearing geometry.

The limiting speed is the maximum speed at which the bearing is designed to operate. This depends on: the strength of the bearing cage, the quality of the lubrication, the centrifugal and rotational forces, the precision of the bearing manufacture and the properties of the lubricant.


Therefore, spherical roller bearings are suitable for low/medium speed applications involving heavy or shock loads. They come with cylindrical or tapered bores and are available with adapter assemblies and withdrawal sleeves. Bearings with tapered bores can be easily installed and removed using adapter assemblies or extraction sleeves.

Spherical roller bearings are double row, combined radial, and thrust bearings. They use spherical or convex rollers as rolling elements. The outer races are spherical, allowing some misalignment of the shaft and housing. The self-alignment feature accommodates up to 2 degrees of misalignment.

Spherical roller bearings are unmatched in high load capacity and tolerance to shock loads but limited speed capability. They perform consistently under extreme conditions such as application-specific stress and edge lubrication. Machined bronze retainers are available, ideal for high-speed operation and ensuring better performance in edge lubrication conditions.

These bearings are divided into R type, RH(R) type, and RHA type, and their internal structure is different.

  • Asymmetrical roller design for reduced sliding friction and less tendency for rollers to skew during operation (types R & RR); this type uses two sets of convex asymmetrical rollers separated by a central inner ring rib.
  • Symmetrical roller designs feature two long rows of symmetrical rollers, extruded steel cages, and center guide rings instead of ribs.
  • R and RH Type Spherical Roller Bearings are also available with lubrication holes and grooves, which optimizes lubricant capability.

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What Loads Can a Spherical Roller Bearing Handle?

Spherical roller bearings are suitable for supporting shafts with vertical shafts. They require a reliable supply of lubricant to function properly. For synthetic oils, synthetic oil-based greases or EP additives, compatibility between lubricant and cage material is critical. Using aged oils can damage plastics at high temperatures, so it is important to change lubricants at regular intervals.
Spherical roller bearings are manufactured from a variety of materials including brass, chrome steel and sheet metal. They are held together by cages made of brass or pressed steel. The cage material used depends largely on the intended use of the bearing. Some bearings use machined brass cages. Other spherical roller bearings use cages made of polyamide or brass.

Product Features and Benefits:

Bearings can have oil grooves and holes in the outer ring for easy relubrication. An optional inner ring oil groove and oil hole.

Cage material: Steel, brass or polyamide for various applications.

Manufacturing Technology: Advanced production system guarantees excellent quality control.

Lower Maintenance Costs: Reduce bearing size while improving performance and extending equipment life.

Special surface treatment increases wear resistance.

What Are Spherical Roller Bearings Used For?

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rolling elements in the inner ring and a spherical raceway in the outer ring. These bearings can withstand high radial and axial loads. They are usually cylindrical in design, but some manufacturers offer tapered versions. These bearings can withstand high radial loads as well as axial loads in different sizes.
Spherical roller bearings are used in a variety of applications. They can handle misalignment, axial loads and heavy shock loads. They can be cylindrical, conical or angled. They are available in a variety of bore sizes, from 20mm to 900mm, and can accommodate a variety of socket adapters. These bearings can also withstand high loads without wearing out too quickly and are used in a variety of industries.


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